Adnet Media

Adnet Media is an Advertising Media Sales House representing media opportunities on various media platforms across Sub Saharan Africa, providing dynamic media solutions: commercial airtime, Sponsorships, Branded Content, Production, Brand Integration and Brand partnerships across Free to Air Satellite television, Terrestrial Television, and digital platforms across the region.

  • PremiumFree TV: Direct to Home Free to Air Television
  • PremiumFree OTT: Streaming App
  • Terrestrial Television: Syndicated Television partnerships

Premium Free is a 100% FREE multichannel TV bouquet. The Premium Free bouquet has an exciting collection of FREE premium quality entertainment TV channels that is becoming the default multichannel satellite TV offering in every African household in every African country. It will bring African TV viewers the best free TV bouquet in every market that is better than comparable PayTV bouquets – so that viewers can ask themselves the question: Why pay? Just watch! Premium.Free